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Last updated: May 25, 2018

Letter from our founders

As users of the internet, we care about privacy just like you. And as fellow human beings, we think you deserve to know exactly what you can expect from your freeonlinegames experience. Before you read our privacy policy, weג€™d first like to tell you how we think about privacy in simple terms.

We do not sell personal information about anyone who uses our services. Ever. That wouldnג€™t be fair.

We created freeonlinegames in 2012 because the existing model for online shopping doesnג€™t work well for most people. People shop in isolation, spend countless hours searching for good deals and never know if theyג€™re getting the best deal.

So we decided to build a community that uses the collective insights of our users and members to power tools that allow everyone to shop smarter, together. Similar to applications that enable commuters to cut through traffic and save time, which are powered by their users and members providing information about speed and congestion, freeonlinegames users and members share real-time information with the rest of the community and help everyone save time and money in the process.

Want to know which promo code works? Sure, another member just tested all of the codes with freeonlinegames five minutes ago. Want to see when a product youג€™re interested in goes on sale? Another freeonlinegames member is helping us update the price right now. When shoppers hunt for deals together, rather than on their own, everyone saves time and money. Everybody wins.

We understand this community network approach isnג€™t for everyone and thatג€™s okay. We think the vast majority of our users and members will see the value of sharing things like successful promo codes and price drops with each other and will learn first-hand how it helps everyone save a lot of time and money. But, itג€™s up to you, and we give you the choice to opt out at any time.

Our stance on privacy is simple: We will be transparent with what data we collect and how we use it to save you time and money, and you can decide if youג€™re good with that.

If this sounds fair, then letג€™s start shopping smarter, together.

George Ruan
Co-Founder and CEO, freeonlinegames

Ryan Hudson
Co-Founder and CFO, freeonlinegames

P.S. If you have any questions or comments, weג€™re always listening at

Accepting the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (ג€œPrivacy Policyג€) explains how freeonlinegames Science Corporation (ג€œfreeonlinegamesג€ or ג€œweג€) collects and processes information from members and users of the website, software applications and other online services we provide (collectively ג€œfreeonlinegamesג€™s productsג€). freeonlinegamesג€™s products include, but are not limited to, the freeonlinegames extension for desktop web browsers (the ג€œExtensionג€), and the website located at (the ג€œWebsiteג€).

The Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which we will process information we collect from you, or that you provide to us, in connection with your use of the Website and freeonlinegamesג€™s products regardless of how you access or use them. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand your rights in relation to how we use and process information that you share and that we collect.

Use of information shared and collected

In order to deliver freeonlinegamesג€™s products to its users and members, to improve those products, and to create new products and services to help users and members save time and money, freeonlinegames collects information from you during your use of the Services. We collect information you share directly with freeonlinegames and other information during your use of freeonlinegamesג€™s products.

Information you share

When you become a member of freeonlinegames you share a limited amount of information in connection with the registration process, including your name, email address, member password and other registration information. As you continue to use freeonlinegamesג€™s products, you can save products of interest to you to monitor price drops and share promotional codes and deals you found useful for other users and members to benefit from. This additional information is optional and does not impact your use of freeonlinegamesג€™s products.

Information we collect
  • In addition to information that you share with us, freeonlinegamesג€™s products automatically collect certain information to enable freeonlinegamesג€™s products, including the Extension, to function properly and to help us better understand how our products work on various devices and browsers. That includes the type of devices you use, your deviceג€™s unique IDs where available or set, your IP address, your operating system, the type of browsers you use, URLs and domain names, how you engage with websites you visit when using freeonlinegamesג€™s products, error logs, and other similar information. This information also allows us to upgrade and improve your experience.
  • freeonlinegamesג€™s products also collect information during the online shopping experience, including information about what promotional codes or coupons were used, pricing and availability of products, and information about how our products are used during the shopping experience.
  • We take our usersג€™ and our membersג€™ time seriously and always want to make sure that any communication or service we provide is useful and relevant. It is in this spirit and scope that we also collect information which allows us to know whether you took an action from our communications. To do that we use common digital tools that allow us to see if you opened an email or visited a link we sent.
  • We are always happy to help our users and members when you reach out with questions. The information we collect during that process is used to better improve freeonlinegamesג€™s products and the experience of our users and members.
Our goal is to save people time and money by using the shopping experience and data of our users and members to create better tools and products. The information you share, and we collect, enables us to do that and gives us insights about pricing and availability of products. We also may use information you share, and we collect, in aggregate with other data for research and analytical purposes. We do not sell your personal information to anyone, but we may be obligated to disclose information you share, and we collect, in connection with legal requirements imposed on us and obligations we have as set forth below in the section titled ג€œHow do we share your information with third parties?ג€.

Information we do not collect

We collect information that we believe can help us save our users and members time and money. This does NOT include any information from your search engine history or from your email, bank or credit card accounts. That means while you are checking out and freeonlinegames is saving you money, we are only collecting information about products, pricing and savings, not your financial information.

Your choices for managing your information

We have made it easy and simple to opt out of freeonlinegames at any time. We have instructions on how to uninstall the Extension on our Website ( and if you have any issues you can contact our support team for assistance by sending an email to We have also given members the ability to control the data we collect, while still continuing to use our products. This information can be adjusted in the accounts settings pages, but limiting the information you offer to provide may impact freeonlinegamesג€™s ability to provide certain products.

If you are an individual accessing the Website or freeonlinegamesג€™s products from the European Economic Area, please see the section below entitled ג€œAdditional privacy and security informationג€ for further information regarding additional rights you have.

How do we share your information with third parties?

We may be required to disclose information under these limited situations:
  • as required by law, or to comply or respond to a government request, such as to comply with a subpoena, or similar legal process;
  • when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, or investigate fraud;
  • with service providers who work with us, who have agreed to adhere to the rules set forth in this privacy statement, and who do not have an independent use of the information we disclose to them; or
  • with a buyer, affiliate or other successor if freeonlinegames is involved in a merger, acquisition, similar corporate transaction. In such instances, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on the Website of any change in ownership, as well as any choices you will have as a result of such transaction.

Storage of your data

As we are located in the United States and freeonlinegamesג€™s products are operated in the United States, if you are located outside of the United States, please be aware that information you share and we collect will be transferred to, and processed, stored and used in the United States in order to provide freeonlinegamesג€™s products to you. The United States does not have an adequacy decision regarding data protection from the European Commission.

Additional privacy and security information:

Users and members residing in the European Economic Area:

Controller: We are a private company, established in the U.S.A. Our address is 990 W. 8th Street, Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90017, U.S.A. and our contact email address is For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation we are the data controller.

Legal Bases: We describe in the section above titled ג€˜Use of information shared and collectedג€™ the purposes for which we use the data collected and shared. Where we are using the data in order to provide freeonlinegamesג€™s products to you, our legal basis for such use is on the basis of our contract with you. For all other purposes our legal basis is our legitimate interest in running our business, including ensuring freeonlinegamesג€™s products function properly and improving and creating new products and services except where we obtain your consent for a particular processing, in which event the legal basis will be your consent.

Your rights: To exercise any of these rights above, please contact us at Please note that these rights are limited, for example, where fulfilling your request would adversely affect other individuals or where we are required by law to retain your personal data.

  • Access and portability: You are entitled to request access to your personal data we hold and be provided with certain information about how we use your personal data and who we share it with. Where you have provided your personal data to us with your consent, you have the right to ask us for a copy of this data in a structured, machine readable format and to ask us to share (port) this data to another data controller.
  • Correction: You have the right to ask us to correct your personal data where it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right to deletion: In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to delete the personal data we hold about you.
  • Restriction: In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to restrict (stop any active) processing of your personal data.
  • Objection: You can object to our processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interests and we will no longer process your personal data unless we can demonstrate an overriding legitimate ground.
  • Withdrawal of consent: In the event we have relied upon your consent to process your personal data, you may withdraw consent at any time by contacting us at
  • Cease use: Finally, you may always cease using freeonlinegamesג€™s products, and you may uninstall the Extension. After a reasonable time following such uninstallation, as set forth below, freeonlinegamesג€™s products would no longer have access to your personal information.
Complaints: In the event that you wish to make a complaint about how we process your personal data, please contact us in the first instance at and we will endeavor to deal with your request as soon as possible. This is without prejudice to your right to raise a complaint with a relevant supervisory authority.

Users and members residing in California

California residents are permitted to ask any Internet based company, including freeonlinegames, to identify categories of personal information shared with affiliates and/or third parties for direct marketing purposes. freeonlinegames does not share personal information with any affiliate or third party for direct marketing purposes without your prior approval. If you are a California resident and would like us to confirm in writing that we have not provided any of your personal information to affiliates and/or third parties for direct marketing purposes, please submit a written request to and we will do so at no cost to you.

Data Retention

freeonlinegames only keeps your information as long as is required to provide freeonlinegamesג€™s products to you, as required to fulfil our legal requirements and defend legal claims.

After you have terminated your use of freeonlinegamesג€™s products, we will store your information in an aggregated and anonymised format.

If you would like us to delete the information you provided, you can always contact us directly at We can explain how we can delete your profile immediately. Once you delete your profile, there is no longer any data attributable to you.


We use ג€œcookiesג€ and other semi-persistent but non-personally identifying member identification markers to identify members (ג€œIDsג€). When you join as a member and create an account, information you share, and we collect, will be synced with these IDs.

Your browser may offer you a ג€œDo Not Trackג€ option, which allows you to signal to operators of websites and web applications and services (including behavioral advertising services) that you do not wish such operators to track certain of your online activities over time and/or across different websites. freeonlinegamesג€™s products do not support Do Not Track requests at this time, which means that we collect information about your online activity while you are using freeonlinegamesג€™s products in the manner described above. However, if you are in the European Economic Area, we will only use cookies that are not strictly necessary with your consent.


We created freeonlinegames for the exclusive use of adults aged 18 and older. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from children under the age of 18; if you are a child under 18, please do not attempt to register for freeonlinegamesג€™s products or send any personal information about yourself to us. If we learn we have collected personal information from a child under 18, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under 18 who you believe may have provided us personal information, please contact us at


We take great precaution to protect and safeguard our usersג€™ and our membersג€™ information. We have put in place physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the information we collect and process. This includes, limiting access to employees, vendors, and others; use of pseudonymization and anonymization techniques where feasible; and use of industry standard encryption techniques when transmitting information. Nonetheless, we are unable to guarantee that user or member information will not be accessed, viewed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed as a result of a breach of any of our physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.


We will continue to update our policies and practices as needed. As such, our Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy by posting any changes here.

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If you have any questions about our privacy policies and practice, please contact us at